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Our mission
Our mission
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Who does Richardson GMP Private Family Office work with?
We work exclusively with families who have:
  • intergenerational wealth and/or family enterprises
  • extensive liquid and private holdings
  • complex wealth that requires clarity
  • a desire to have a legacy of both financial wealth and family values
Who, other than you, sees the complete picture?
We sit on the same side of the table as our client-families.
We help them see their total wealth picture, so they are better informed and supported in organizing themselves around the main issues that affect their families or their family businesses. Our Private Family Office helps families build and maintain strategic and articulated relationships with their wealth and businesses, by addressing the difficult questions and complexities that accompany intergenerational wealth.
By collaborating with their network of advisors, we objectively and skillfully support families who seek to ensure that their financial wealth supports and grows the other aspects of their wealth.
Our services
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Our services are uniquely tailored by family and provided separately from asset management.
We help families define the purpose of their wealth, and then leverage their financial resources to fund the other aspects of their wealth for the betterment of the family. Through our national scale and enterprise solutions, we provide dynamic financial planning and tailored investment and net worth reporting to families on their worldwide assets, regardless of where they invest or hold their wealth.
Because of the depth of services required, our team includes multi-disciplinary professionals and FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISORS ™. We bring resources, innovation, expertise and a new approach that delivers consistent strategic oversight and help in managing the details.
Contact us
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Richardson GMP Private Family Office invites families with intergenerational wealth or their professional advisors to contact us.
Our mission
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